Welcome to the new Jazz Salon Live Stream. Each Thursday’s live stream airs from 7:00 – 9:00 PM Pacific.  You will have access to viewing the concert through the following Sunday.

Each week’s concert also will be restreamed at 7:00 PM (local time) the following Saturday night in Tokyo, Paris and the U.S. East Coast, with fresh Live Chat in each location, so let any friends know that they can watch the concerts at a convenient local time.


Having already purchased your ticket, you have access to this week’s password, in order to view this week’s live streamed concert. This week’s password is: “Queen” (case sensitive).

To view the concert, scroll back up to the landing page, and click on the “Jazz Salon Live Stream:” for the time zone closest to you.  Enter this week’s password, then scroll down to the video window, and click on the “Play” arrow.

All the concerts will have “live chat” so fans can communicate easily, with moderators who can answer questions. Since we won’t be able to hear, or see, you, please use the live chat actively, so we know you’re there! Certainly, let us know right away if you experience any problems with the stream.

Here is to live jazz, or as close as we can currently come to it. We all need the joy!  Thank you for your enthusiasm and support.

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