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This is our 16th week of the “Best Of The Jazz Salon” concerts, bringing the joy of beautiful jazz right into your home. Although a donation is not necessary, please consider making a minimum $10 donation to view this week’s concert. Viewers like you have contributed about $300 each week, knowing all the money will go to the artists, and the cost of making the music, during this period when the artists are unable to perform live.

So far, we have featured great singers Mary Stallings, Denise Thimes, Barbara Morrison, Maria Howell and Teka, as well as world-class jazz musicians, including Rickey Woodard, Plas Johnson, Llew Matthews, Nolan Shaheed, Roy McCurdy, David Arnay, Mahesh Balasooriya and Mark Massey.

Concerns with Playing Live Now.

We have been working on converting a Pasadena recording studio into a CoronaSafe space in which the artists can perform a live streaming concert for you. With the virus currently increasing its impact in LA County, and the issues of caution and protection becoming controversial, we want to err on the side of safety. We do not want the launch of a live concert stream to be construed as encouraging a lower level of vigilence. Once we see evidence of the virus coming under control, will we launch the series. We want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Please stay tuned.

Consider Helping Our Artists

If you would like to help our artists during this challenging time of zero gigs, please consider donating a minimum of $10, using one of the 4 methods listed in the column to the right.      ⇒⇒⇒⇒

(if reading this on a cellphone, donations are at the very bottom of the page)


We have had a request to re-stream the March 12 concert of the most popular artist of the A Frame, the great singer and entertainer, Denise Thimes! Denise is backed by pianist David Arnay, Doug Webb on sax, Nolan Shaheed on trumpet, and Judd Pillot on drums.

  06:10 - "Jordu" (instr.)
  27:30 - "My Romance" (Denise Thimes)
  33:55 - "I Like It" 
  38:48 - "Sometimes I'm Happy"
  47:50 - "That's All"
  55:55 - "So Nice To Come Home To"
  1:02:35 - "One Note Samba" 
1:09:00 - "Sandu" (instr.)
1:18:37 - "Stolen Moments" (instr.)
1:29:15 - "What Is This Thing They Call Love" (Denise Thimes)
1:33:40 - "Yesterdays"
1:43:30 - "Makin' Whoopee"
1:50:45 - "No Greater Love"
1:58:10 - "What A Wonderful World"

Just Click To Play!

Anytime after 5:00 PM (Pacific) on Thursday, July 2, this exciting concert, shot live, will be waiting for you in the video screen below.  Just click “Play”, and enjoy!

Last week’s concert, featuring Llew Matthews, Rickey Woodard, Sidney Jacobs and Shelea Frazier, is still posted, but now moved to the right-hand column.

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Gail Rolf
2 days ago

I am trying to donate, but I don’t see where I can donate. This is not a “user friendly” website. It needs to be redesigned. Just put a donate button on the site.

Bill Jackson
1 month ago

Dave, on my iPhone I can’t scroll to right to donate. I’ll try on my computer later. Just wanted to bring this to your attention

shura Reininger
1 month ago

Tamir Hendelman – Virtuoso – scary!

Lynne & Roger Crane
1 month ago

What time is this Thursday concert with Mary Stallings?

Ruth z
1 month ago

This is great Dave. But I need to go to bed 😱❤️😂😊

Joan Hardie
2 months ago

Really enjoyed this!

Rega Petlin
2 months ago

I don’t know how I got on your list, but these streams are wonderful! Best to all you superstar musicians none of whom get paid enough for your amazing talent and the magic 🎶

Eliane Gans
2 months ago

So much appreciate your fantastic efforts to keep Jazz alive, and in our homes.
Thank you. And I was one of the A Framers, too. was a wonderful venue.
By the way, Tamir Hendleman played there too. I a big fan of his. Do you have any recordings of the A frame venues??

Aimee Marquardt
2 months ago

Brazilian sessions Just shifted the whole vibes in my apartment during this pandemic…So grateful:)

Greg and Deborah Claesson
2 months ago

You are truly one of the best.
You are our hero.
Keep up the great music and stay safe. We need you!
Your Mates,
Greg and Deborah Claesson

Roger Pondel
2 months ago

First time at the online Salon. Brought a bunch of friends. Awesome, Dave.

William Kennedy
2 months ago

What’s up Rickey this is Bunny from the big apple good to see that you are still in the game. Hearing you brings back good memories from when we played together back in LA. Keep up the good work maybe sometime in the future we may get to do it again. A friend always Bunny

Patrisha Thomson
2 months ago

What a wonderful, engaging singer. And she enjoys the band so much, including you all with her.

Eager to hear her again.

Fun / wonderful bass solos. With a singer like her, everyone seemed to shine all the more.

Thank you,

Rob Schilling
2 months ago

Missing my thursday night live jazz salon fix.
Thank you Dave for your heroic efforts in keeping the JS alive in concept and in our hearts and minds. Adaptive folks like you will get us through this coronavirus shutdown. Thinking of the quintet, the guest singers, the tech support folks, the waitress who greets me with my drink order, and the LA Athletic Club that hosts the Jazz Salon. Much pain ahead with this pandemic, but this too shall pass. I look forward to the time when we can gather again to be with the Jazz Salon artists.

Gil Watkins
2 months ago

love you Dave, miss you guys!

2 months ago

I think Ricky would just love to take a crack at John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”

2 months ago

Sure, cause all I do is hum it and leave it to Ricky to play it. (It’s a running gag; I ask him every time I see him.)

Glenn Mitchell
2 months ago

Thanks David for keeping this up of Mary Stallings for one more week. Talk to you Friday, 4-10-2020. Glenn Mitchell

Patrisha Thomson
3 months ago

I will be there Thursday April 9 – live streaming,
Sounds like a special evening!

My choice of a song is the ballad Tenderly – in 3/4.

Thanks, Patrisha

Anne Franklin
3 months ago

Anything by Hank Mobley, Rickey’s favorite!

Carol Meckler
3 months ago

I love the idea of streaming past concerts and so appreciate your doing this.
We watched the Mary Stallings concert last night and, while the music was great, the sound quality was not. At one point, Mary’s voice was echoing so badly, we had to turn the sound down. And, we could not hear the drums at all (except when Roy took a solo).

Gail Ostendorf
3 months ago

Thanks for ddicating your stream to our wonderful host for many years…Betty Hooverand the A Framers.
So great to hear Ricky Woodard again. The group has so much talent. Brings back good times at the
A Frame. Looking forward to a visit live at the Jazz Salon..until then thanks for all your effort Dave.

3 months ago

Loving the concert but…. there is an echo on Ms.Stallings mic and it also seems to be on the trumpet mic which has gotten increasingly noticeable and around the 40+ point, during OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY its really unbearable.

Sheila Troiano
3 months ago

Very confusing website. Too much information. Difficult to navigate. Keep it simple.

pauline thornton
3 months ago

Loved tuning in to such a talented group. Looking forward to seeing you live soon. 🙏🏻 Thank you Dave and gang.

Patrick Collins
3 months ago

As a longtime fan and follower of Dave Ross’ LA Athletic Club Jazz Salons, I’ve made two contributions to the Jazz Salon recorded sessions but only with the patient help of Dave who knows that his audience has a high percentage of Digital Immigrants like me. If you find real or imagined obstacles with the site, contact Dave. He will see that you get connected to what is an enormous labor of love. The cause is good and you will be rewarded for your personal and financial contribution.

Joan Hardie
3 months ago

How do you donate. People may want to contribute but don’t know how.

Debbie Bachtell
3 months ago

so great – thanks for sharing this, Dave.

Harlan Lebo
3 months ago

Hi Dave. Great to hear your stream! I would love to donate, but is there any way to do it with Paypal? Cheers, Harlan