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Barbara Morrison in concert!

On December 17, 2020, the new Jazz Salon featured the great singing of legendary “Queen B” Barbara Morrison! 

The hot band backing Barbara was fronted by saxophonist Rickey Woodard! After spending 7 years with Ray Charles, Rickey played with world renown artists, including Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Diana Krall, B.B. King, Leon Russell, Michael Buble, Gladys Knight, Kenny Burrell, Cedar Walton, Horace Silver, and Ernie Watts!


Tickets to view the stream are $25 per household, and can be purchased using a credit card by clicking on the yellow “Ticket” button below. Your password, as well as viewing instructions, will be included in the “thank you” immediately after your payment.

Tickets can also be purchased using PayPal, by clicking on the “PayPal” button below. After you make your payment, you will be forwarded to a page on the Jazz Salon website that will include your password, as well as viewing instructions.


There are also six free concerts to use as vaccinations against the pandemic blues.  Just click on “Jazz Salon Concert Vaccinations” on the Main Menu.


We plan to resume live streaming in April 2021.  Each Thursday’s live stream will air from 7:00 – 9:00 PM Pacific on this website, and will then restreamed with fresh live chat at 7:00 PM (local time) Saturday nights in Tokyo, Paris and the U.S. East Coast, so let your international friends know that they can watch the concerts at a convenient local time.

Playing safely

We will be stringently following all State and County Covid-19 guidelines, to keep our artists safe, and to support the public message that the pandemic is real, and protecting ourselves is straightforward: wear masks, keep a safe distance, and no large gatherings.

We Need You!

The artists will be paid through ticket sales to view the live stream, so we are counting on your support. Please click on the link near the top of this page to purchase your ticket.

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77 Replies to “Jazz Salon Concert Stream Tickets & Information”

  1. Hi Dave! I hope you’re well! I’d like to view the free concert if I can this evening. Looking for the link you mentioned about the free concert ms, however, unable to see where to click and watch.


    1. Kim: sorry, just seeing your comment now. To get to me more quickly in the future, email’s best: 2communicate@earthlink.net. To watch the free concerts, go to the main menu at TheJazzSalon.com and click on “Jazz Salon Concerts for Your Holiday Pleasure”, then scroll down.

      Hope that helps.

    1. Bruce, sounds like you were able to resolve the issues, and watch the show. Please let me know, if otherwise.

  2. Dave, how do you specify the event you want to view once you have pressed the yellow ticket button?

    I’m interested in viewing Cathy’s event on 12/10/20
    Thank you.

    1. Roland: thank you for asking the question, because I hadn’t focused on the issue of how to buy tickets for future concerts. In the system I have set up, tickets go on sale each Monday for that week’s concert, so tickets for Cathy’s concert go on sale today.

      Let me know any other questions, and thank you for supporting the Jazz Salon!

  3. Hi Dave, I am so glad that you and your jazz lounge are open again for me (us) to enjoy your great performances. Will you please send me a line-up as to the guests, or special musicians that you will feature in the weeks ahead, and also put me on an email list announcing your concerts as a reminder. Thank you, and my best wishes, Nancy Simonian

    1. Nancy, I’ve made sure you are on the notification email list for future live streaming concerts. We are waiting only for L.A. County to allow live music where food and beverages are being served. We hope to be playing sometime in October.

      Thank you for your love of jazz, and your support!

    1. Mary: I apologize for the problems you encountered. I will contact you directly by email to address this.
      Thank you for your support.

    1. Lee: looks like we were able to get you the information in time for you to enjoy the show. Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

  4. Great idea. I donated via PayPal but never received a zoom link. maybe because i did it at 7:29pm and it was too late? bummer. will I be able to see a recording. Thanks.

    1. Scott: I apologize for the problem. It’s a learning process for us, in spite of my having a team of experience engineers working to avoid problems like the one you encountered.
      I will follow up by email to address this issue with you.

      Thank you for your patience and support.

  5. Paid and did not get any information about how to view the concert! Please email ASAP – don’t want to iss.

    1. Nora: I have followed up with you by email. We will address the issues until everyone is happy.

      Thank you for your support.

  6. I am trying to donate, but I don’t see where I can donate. This is not a “user friendly” website. It needs to be redesigned. Just put a donate button on the site.

    1. Gail: thank you for trying to donate, and for taking the time to contact me. Are you looking at the site on your phone, or on a computer? The site looks very different on a phone. Let me know so I can help.

  7. Dave, on my iPhone I can’t scroll to right to donate. I’ll try on my computer later. Just wanted to bring this to your attention

    1. Bill: thank you for taking the time to point that out. It’s probably there, but it requires you to scroll waaaaaaaaay down to the bottom of the page, below all the comments. I’m not sure how to remedy that and I’m sure it results in less donations.

      Please let me know if you are able to scroll down and find it.

    1. Boy, that’s the truth. And he did that without even a conversation up front about how even one song would go, not even tempos. When I met him, about 30 minutes before the concert started, and told him how nervous I was, instead of worrying that I might not be good enough to make the music, he just smiled, and said, “Don’t worry. Jeff, Clayton and I can take care of you. You just have fun. He just did it. It was beautiful.

    1. Hi, Lynne and Roger! I usually get the show posted for streaming around 5:00 PM. Will that work ok for you?

    1. Ruth, sweet dreams about jazz and swimming.
      Thanks for watching tonight!

    1. I’m glad, Joan, and thanks for letting us know! Hope you can catch this next stream, featuring Plas Johnson and Llew Matthews. It will be very special.

  8. I don’t know how I got on your list, but these streams are wonderful! Best to all you superstar musicians none of whom get paid enough for your amazing talent and the magic 🎶

    1. Thanks so much, Rega. By providing these past concerts we are creating an emergency fund for the artists. Please consider donating, if you haven’t already.

  9. So much appreciate your fantastic efforts to keep Jazz alive, and in our homes.
    Thank you. And I was one of the A Framers, too. was a wonderful venue.
    By the way, Tamir Hendleman played there too. I a big fan of his. Do you have any recordings of the A frame venues??

    1. Thanks so much for your positive feedback, Eliane. I’m a big fan of Tamir’s, as well. I played with him once, a concert with Mary Stallings. It was my first gig in a real jazz club, where people paid tickets. I was the bandleader, and bass player, and I was so nervous. In addition to Tamir and Mary, Jeff Clayton and Clayton Cameron were on the gig – all jazz heroes to me. As is so often the case, there was no rehearsal. we just met at the club for a sound check about an hour before the doors open. Tamir was the first of the other musicians to arrive and confided my nervousness to him. He didn’t even blink. He just gave me a big smile, and told me to relax and have fun. He said something like, “you have nothing to worry about. We are all professionals, we love the music, and we will take good care of you!” For the first tune, Mary called something up tempo, I locked eyes with Tamir and I could feel him communicating with me. He started playing an a very clear and communicative way, and I became immediately happy, because I knew right away that everything was going to work out – and it did!

      I don’t have any A Frame recordings. Tamir is going to give another solo live stream this Saturday. I’ll send out the info tomorrow.

      Look forward to meeting you, when we’re back playing live!

  10. Brazilian sessions Just shifted the whole vibes in my apartment during this pandemic…So grateful:)

    1. Aimee: you know how to make an uncle happy!! I love that Jobim music, too!

      Stay safe, and I hope we see each other soon!

    1. Greg and Deborah: thanks for your supportive comments, they really recharge my batteries!

      I so appreciate your enthusiasm and support!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words, Roger, and for sharing the concert with friends. I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Please help spread the word!

      It’s funny that you watched tonight. As I was watching the show, and appreciating the percussionist (whom I regretted was not adequately miked), I thought of you and Rich taking conga lessons! Also, how is your guitarist brother doing with his recovery?

      There are so many things to be thankful for!

      Hope to see you in person, soon!


  11. What’s up Rickey this is Bunny from the big apple good to see that you are still in the game. Hearing you brings back good memories from when we played together back in LA. Keep up the good work maybe sometime in the future we may get to do it again. A friend always Bunny

  12. What a wonderful, engaging singer. And she enjoys the band so much, including you all with her.

    Eager to hear her again.

    Fun / wonderful bass solos. With a singer like her, everyone seemed to shine all the more.

    Thank you,

    1. Maria’s enthusiasm, along with her great voice and style, make her one of the Salon favorites! And thanks for the compliment about my solos. You don’t hear people often lay compliments on the bass solos!

      I’m glad you enjoyed Maria. She’ll be back!

  13. Missing my thursday night live jazz salon fix.
    Thank you Dave for your heroic efforts in keeping the JS alive in concept and in our hearts and minds. Adaptive folks like you will get us through this coronavirus shutdown. Thinking of the quintet, the guest singers, the tech support folks, the waitress who greets me with my drink order, and the LA Athletic Club that hosts the Jazz Salon. Much pain ahead with this pandemic, but this too shall pass. I look forward to the time when we can gather again to be with the Jazz Salon artists.

    1. Rob: thanks for your sweet words. I so regretted Rickey being hamstrung by audio problems tonight. He’s a wonderful soul with amazing musical experiences, and still passionate. I was imagining how much everyone would enjoy him, so it was frustrating, but he’ll be back!

      You’re right about all those employees at the Athletic Club who took care of all of us at every Thursday Night Jazz Salon. Sonia, Shawnte, Jimmy, Nick, Parish, Brandon, and Angela running things – they are all furloughed. In fact, the LAAC members have started a GoFundMe site for them, in case you and Cheryl want to donate: https://www.gofundme.com/f/laac-employee-support-fund

      I’m with you, the live music and the Jazz Salon will be back, with lots of fun ahead of us. Thanks to you both for all your support, and words of encouragement. Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces again!

    1. Thanks, Gil. Right back to you!! How are you doing with work? Are you still able to get a pay check?

      Please stay healthy, so you can come back and sit in at the Jazz Salon!


      1. Sure, cause all I do is hum it and leave it to Ricky to play it. (It’s a running gag; I ask him every time I see him.)

  14. Thanks David for keeping this up of Mary Stallings for one more week. Talk to you Friday, 4-10-2020. Glenn Mitchell

    1. Hey, fellow bass player and jazz reviewer! Thanks for taking the time to watch Mary’s concert!
      All the best.

  15. I will be there Thursday April 9 – live streaming,
    Sounds like a special evening!

    My choice of a song is the ballad Tenderly – in 3/4.

    Thanks, Patrisha

    1. Anne: your request made me smile! I know how much Rickey likes to play Mobley tunes! That’s a great request! BTW, we are starting work on a great Dizzy Gillespie/Sonny Stitt arrangement of a tune. We’re going to try and play the parts remotely, then edit it together as a video we can post, hopefully, withing the next couple of weeks.

      Thanks for the request. It will make Rickey happy!

  16. I love the idea of streaming past concerts and so appreciate your doing this.
    We watched the Mary Stallings concert last night and, while the music was great, the sound quality was not. At one point, Mary’s voice was echoing so badly, we had to turn the sound down. And, we could not hear the drums at all (except when Roy took a solo).

    1. Carol: thank you for identifying these audio problems. I’ll work on them today, repost the fixed video, and send out an email announcing the repair and repost.


  17. Thanks for ddicating your stream to our wonderful host for many years…Betty Hooverand the A Framers.
    So great to hear Ricky Woodard again. The group has so much talent. Brings back good times at the
    A Frame. Looking forward to a visit live at the Jazz Salon..until then thanks for all your effort Dave.

    1. Gail: thanks so much for your enthusiasm and support. And I love Rickey Woodard’s playing, too! Did you know Rickey was the first artist featured at the A Frame? We’ll feature lots more of Rickey on future streams. He has been the regular sax player at the Salon for a few years.


  18. Loving the concert but…. there is an echo on Ms.Stallings mic and it also seems to be on the trumpet mic which has gotten increasingly noticeable and around the 40+ point, during OUR LOVE IS HERE TO STAY its really unbearable.

    1. Jennifer: I’ve listened to your singing going back to the days of Ken Reiner’s music gatherings. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the stream of Mary’s concert. I wasn’t aware of the technical issues. I had spot checked the video during editing, and missed the issue with the echo. I will fix it today and repost.

      Thank you for your music, and best wishes during this tough, but temporary, situation.

    1. Sheila: boy, is it hard to design a site that works well for everyone! My hope with the information was to help explain everything, and make it easier to use! Back to the drawing board!

      Thanks for taking the time to visit, and watch the stream.

  19. Loved tuning in to such a talented group. Looking forward to seeing you live soon. 🙏🏻 Thank you Dave and gang.

  20. As a longtime fan and follower of Dave Ross’ LA Athletic Club Jazz Salons, I’ve made two contributions to the Jazz Salon recorded sessions but only with the patient help of Dave who knows that his audience has a high percentage of Digital Immigrants like me. If you find real or imagined obstacles with the site, contact Dave. He will see that you get connected to what is an enormous labor of love. The cause is good and you will be rewarded for your personal and financial contribution.

    1. Joan: thank you for letting me know that people want to donate, but aren’t sure how. Please let me know if you find any difficulty with these directions:
      If you scroll up this page to just above the video stream window, I’ve listed 4 ways to donate.
      1. Using a credit card, you can click on the blue button that says, “Please click this button to donate a minimum of $10 to view stream”. Small window will open for your credit card information.
      2. To the immediate right of the 4 ways to donate is a PayPal button. By clicking that button, you can donate using a credit card, or PayPal.
      3. If you have a Venmo account, you can donate that way.
      4. You can go to Patreon.com/JazzSalon and setup a monthly donation.

      Please let me know any problems.
      Thank you.

    1. Thanks for watching Barbara Morrison and the gang, and for supporting the Thursday Night Jazz Salon stream!

  21. Hi Dave. Great to hear your stream! I would love to donate, but is there any way to do it with Paypal? Cheers, Harlan

    1. Harlan: if you scroll up just above the video stream window, you’ll see the 4 ways to donate. One of them is PayPal and the PayPal button is immediately to the right of that donation list.

      Thanks for watching!

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